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Our Next LVBHS Meeting:  Nov 21, 2021 - 2p.m., at Stone Pine Hall

There will be a plant exchange at 11-21-21 meeting.

Click on the flower...see Monkey Flower...to find PLANTS INFORMATION for this area!

Welcome! We are a Non-Profit Organization, offering Membership to the General Public.


  • To Study Plants Native to the California Central Coast
  • To Increase Public Interest in a local Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden
  • To Increase Horticultural (Gardening) Interest in locally propagated plants
  • To Sponsor Displays of Living Plants in Public Places
  • To Co-Sponsor projects with other Organizations

LVBHS is a nonprofit 501(c)(5) [not tax deductible] member of California Garden Clubs, Inc., the largest nonprofit 501(c)(3), volunteer gardening organization in the state of California. All 501(c)(3) entities are tax deductible.

One or more components of the website were updated November 2021.  Contact Julie, web coordinator, at lvbothortsoc@gmail.com