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There is so much to say, all pretty much related to gardening or botany. This is the random ideas and thoughts page, where you can find tidbits that inform or delight. Re-visit this page now and then to see what tidbit has been added.

Topic: CHAPARRAL. 4-17-21: The Fremontia shrub (or small tree) is now blooming, and it's in Lompoc! The "Multi-Purpose Trail" (MPT) is where you can find it, at the roundabout for bicyclists and pedestrians, near Riverside Drive and parallel with Central Ave. See this article that the US Forest Service presented for abundant info: California Flannelbush (Fremontodendron californicum). This is an excerpt from that web article: " The quarterly journal of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), Fremontia, was named in honor of this plant when its Latin name did not have "dendron" attached to the end; that name enjoyed such use that it has even become another common name for the plant. Obviously, a famous plant of California, it is also rather unusual in that it belongs within the Sterculiaceae, a plant family more well-known from the tropical regions of our world; the CNPS, in fact, tells us that it is a remnant of times, millions of years past, when California was tropical. From this family come chocolate (Mexico) and cola nut (Africa), given as an honorific and highly caffeinated gift to West African heads of households, as well as boiled into an extract and added to a very popular soft drink, Coca-Cola. The Sterculiaceae is closely related to the Malvaceae, or mallow family, and is often placed within that family; a brief glance at the flower of Fremontodendron is indeed reminiscent of the hibiscus, okra, and cotton flowers of the Malvaceae. "  But there is more, much more, and if you're curious, you'll go there and read.

Topic: Botanic-CULINARY. 3-27-21: Did you know? the rind or peel of all citrus, that is lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit and so forth, is called the "exocarp" or "flavedo" and has oil glands - and under it is the white stuff that most people peel or cut away. That white or almost colorless stuff is called "pith" and the botanic term is "albedo" or "mesocarp". Now didn't you always want to know what the name was for that white stuff? And it has more Vitamin C than the fruit itself. It is edible, and in some citrus it is quite tasty.

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Scroll down to see the old rainfall page. You will see helpful links to find out the latest precipitation for our area.  Always fascinating, given the droughts and deluges we have here in Santa Barbara County.

The Rainfall page is discontinued, but a bit of data is kept here for the time being. [Today is 3-27-21.]


UP-TO-MINUTE RAINFALL as measured by sensor on City Hall Roof.
DAILY AND MONTHLY RAINFALL SUMMARY (updated at 8am every day) at City Hall.
OFFICIAL DAILY RAINFALL (ALL RAIN DATA, not updated every day) at City Hall.

Present and Past Rainfall Data
("Water Years" 2013-14 thru 2020-21)

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year 2021:  (7-01-20 thru 6-30-21)    2020-21 six-stations discontinued report.
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year 2021:  (9-01-20 thru 8-31-21)  TOTAL as of   2021-03-26 = 10.68 inches

2020-21: Sep 0.00; Oct 0.02; Nov 0.30; Dec 1.52; Jan 7.53; Feb 0.19; Mar 1.12; Apr ---; May ---; Jun ---; Jul ---; Aug ---.

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year 2020: (7-01-19 thru 6-30-20)    TOTAL = [...no data...]   inches
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year 2020:  (9-01-19 thru 8-31-20)  TOTAL = 12.97 inches

2019-20: Sep .00; Oct 0.01; Nov 1.23; Dec 4.41; Jan 0.80; Feb 0.01; Mar 3.82; Apr 2.59; May 0.02; Jun 0.01; Jul .00; Aug 0.07.

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year 2018-2019:  (7-01-18 thru 6-30-19)    TOTAL  = 23.60   inches
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year 2018-2019:  (9-01-18 thru 8-31-19)  TOTAL  = 20.39 inches

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year 2017-2018:  (7-01-17 thru 6-30-18)    TOTAL = 10.61 inches
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year 2017-2018:  (9-01-17 thru 8-31-18)      TOTAL = 8.59 in

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year: 2016-2017 (7-01-16 through 6-30-17)            TOTAL = 23.63 in
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year: 2016-2017 (9-01-16 through 8-31-17)              TOTAL = 22.13 in

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year: 2015-2016 (7-01-15 through 6-30-16)            TOTAL = 12.61 in
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year: 2015-2016 (9-01-15 through 8-31-16)              TOTAL = 11.69 in

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year: 2014-2015 (7-01-14 through 6-30-15)            TOTAL =  8.54 in
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year: 2014-2015 (9-01-14 through 8-31-15)              TOTAL =  8.03 in

Lompoc (Six Stations) Rain Year: 2013-2014 (7-1-13 through 6-30-14)             TOTAL =  7.30 in
Lompoc (City Hall) Water Year: 2013-2014 (9-1-13 through 8-31-14)               TOTAL =  7.20 in

Sources of information:

(A) The "Six Stations" Average Rainfall data is an average of precipitation recorded at 6 Lompoc locations. 

(B) The "City Hall" Rainfall data set is provided from any of these: Rainfall and Reservoir Summary (updated at 8am every day) or Official Daily Rainfall (presenting all rain data, but not updated every day) or Lompoc Real-time data (updated frequently if raining, using data from sensor F576 on Roof of City Hall)

Water year: 

(A) County of SB "Water Year" runs from Sept 1 through Aug 31 and is designated by the calendar year in which it ends. The Lompoc six stations "Rain Year" is different. It runs from July 1 through June 30. There usually is negligible rain in July and August.

(B) The Official Monthly and Yearly Rainfall Record  allows you to compare how much rain fell in a particular month over the years since 1954.

Rainfall Page created by Warren Arnold, 2003. First revision by Julie Levy, 2014; modified 2018, 2019. Last updated: 2021
Blog(Ideas) Page created by Julie Levy, 3-27-2021.

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